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Why do honey jars come with an expiry?


Honey is pure and like all pure, that is the fact. Then what is the expiry date? Why do they put an expiry or best before date on jars? Some of us even doubt the purity of honey when we notice this expiry date on the jars. Questions arise in our minds like is the honey pure? Did we order from the wrong company? Is it natural honey? etc. Well, all we can say is it is a wrong conception. Honey is pure less and never do expire. But over time some natural changes occur due to the temperature changes, or due to not storing properly. The texture, color, and aroma may change the liquid may get thicken and darken but it never affects the purity and quality neither makes honey unsafe, Honey is always consumable. Also, our Indian food law ensures that all packed food items should have an expiry or best before the date mentioned so that makes us helpless as well as choiceless Now relish our honey varieties without worrying about the expiry date .you can have this golden delicious liquid always before or after never counts.