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4 Raw and Unprocessed Honey Options You Must Try

4 raw and unprocessed honey options you must try

Honey is indeed nature’s one of the most splendid gifts to mankind, which has been a part of our cuisines for thousands of years and is an ingredient commonly found in eastern medicines. Our ancestors have been relying on honey to treat various health conditions. Science agrees that the bacteria cannot live in the presence of honey, as it is full of potassium. Potassium prevents the bacteria from forming moisture, which is essential for their very existence.

However, most honey we find in the market is not pure in quality. They are adulterated with foreign substances such as sugarcane and rice oils. This adulterated honey causes various health problems instead of giving benefits. So it is important to ensure that the honey you purchase is raw and free from adulteration. This blog will introduce you to some of the original honey products you can purchase without a second thought.

Raw Honey

Loudfood’s pure raw honey is one of the healthiest honey products available on the market; as they are unheated, you can rest assured that none of its natural contents, such as antioxidants and enzymes, is lost. You can use raw honey to make skincare packs and masks, as it gives great results.

Forest Honey

Forest honey is collected from the treetops of the deep forest of the Western Ghats. This delicious liquid is considered the most healthy among other honey, as wild honey bees produce it. As the bees collect honey from wildflowers, it has a rich taste and aroma. 

Tribal Honey

As implied by its name, tribal honey is collected from the ingenious tribes of western ghats. As tribal people collect this honey from monsoon forests, the honey is 100% free from pollution and chemicals, which can be found elsewhere. 

Natural Honey

As its name suggests, it is extracted naturally. Loudfood collects pure, unadulterated honey from the local beekeepers in India. This honey is multi-floral, has a distinctive taste, and is full of natural enzymes and minerals. 

If you are looking for pure and organic honey, Loudfood Honey is here to end your search. We offer 100% pure honey directly from the rural bee farmers of India. Take care of your health with pure honey from Loudfood.