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5 surprising health benefits of raw honey


Raw honey –as the name suggests is soo pure, which is directly collected from the bee hives, and contains healthful bee pollen, bee proposils, and plenty of antioxidants. Let's have a look at some of the raw honey benefits

Nutritional values

Honey usually contains nutrition values, the exact nutrition and chemical composition of raw honey varies accordingly the environment where we placed our hives. As Raw honey is unprocessed the nutritional values in them are high in quantity along with its micro bean properties

Regardless of these changes it contains-antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, fructose, glucose, and all.

We can call them bottled nutrition

Anti-Bacterial property

Raw honey is a rich source of natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbail properties. As It posses a low PH level and contains hydrogen peroxide and glucose oxide which can kill harmful bacteria and fungi. well, that explains why we choose raw honey over other honey varieties. But we should be sure that the honey that we using is unadulterated. loudfood Raw honey is 100% pure and unadulterated.

Wound Healer

Raw honey is a better wound healer comparing to some antiseptics that we use on wounds. Raw honey possess high antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that make it the best choice for wound dressing. Honey is also acidic in nature.

Apply loudfood raw honey directly to the burns and wounds and dress it well using a bandage and see the magic.

Best for Brain

It is proven that consuming honey on regular basis develops your memory over time. Raw honey contains high antioxidant properties. in fact, honey is the only food that contains the only antioxidant which improves brain function. Pinocembrine is an antioxidant. Start consuming honey daily basis from now on.

Solution for a sore throat

As the climate changes our body also adapts to some changes. one common issue most face during the climate change is a sore throat. Before starting to take medicine use our raw honey, you will get a better result. take a cup of hot tea with lemon add a spoon of loudfood raw honey and have in the morning. Raw honey is effective as dextromethorphan that we usually use in cough medication.