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Benefits of gooseberry in honey and medicinal properties

Benefits of gooseberry in honey and medicinal properties


Gooseberry popularly Known as Amla is one of the best medicinal food. Many of us love to have it directly or with some other food is not a concern with which food you are having it Amla itself is enough

The bitter and sour b fruit is best for our health. Some people does not like to have it directly due to it’s bitter taste But we have a best solution for it Amlahoney combo. It is delicious and tasty to have.

Amla – Honey Combination is one of the powerful and totally healthy .Both are nutrition rich and the delicious combo is an answer to many health issues. If you soak Amla into honey it will increases the life of Amla.

Skin care agent: We can suggest this combo as a skin care agent. It helps you to reduce the facial hairs and wrinkles. Also provides a special glow to your skin. Consume Amla honey mixture on daily basis and Shine.

Solution to Asthma: Asthma is one of the problem that many faces. Well having honey-Amla daily at morning to get rid of the issue. They control the production of phlegm, wheezing and also it helps to improve the function of raspitory tact and solves breathing issues.

Solution for stomach issues: Amla-Honey both contributes for better stomach health. They are totally beneficial as both are fibre and nutrition rich. Regularly having them improves digestion and provides with better stomach health

Sore throat and cold issue: If you are facing sore throat and cold issue well this combo is a solution. You need to consume honey-Amla twise in morning and evening to get the immediate result.

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