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We all know honey is a yum alternative to sugar and it offers a lot of health benefits. But can honey be used as a remedy to cure or ease your allergies? Well, let's find out.

We love the season of Spring as it brings with it greenery and beautiful flowers. But many of us get seasonal allergies during this season. One of the main causes of seasonal allergies is pollen. Yes, you read that right. Tiny pollen from the beautiful flowers can make you sick.

Plants fertilise other plants of the same species with pollen. It is a fine powder that spreads with wind and insects.

Our immune system is always ready to fight foreign objects like bacteria or viruses that enter our bodies. When we inhale pollen, our immune system mistakenly identifies it as a threat and begins to produce chemicals to get rid of it. This allergic reaction can be very irritating as you will have symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, and even breathing troubles.

 Here Is How Honey Helps

If you have allergies, you must have heard about allergy shots, or probably you may have already taken them to get relief from allergies. Allergy shots are basically ingesting allergens into your body in small amounts. So over a period of time, your body will build immunity against the allergens.

 Pure natural honey works the same way, just like allergy shots. When honey bees collect nectar from flowers, there will be traces of pollen in it. These small traces of pollen in the honey is enough for your body to build immunity against the pollens.

 If you include pure and unadulterated honey, like Loudfood’s pure and natural honey, in your daily diet, your body will produce antibodies to fight seasonal allergies.

 Please note that honey cannot be given to babies under 1 year old as their immune system is not sophisticated enough to digest honey.

 If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, give pure natural honey a chance to help you. Order pure, unadulterated honey from Loudfood and get it delivered anywhere in India for absolutely free.