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Facts v/s Myths: 5 Honey related Myths debunked

Harmless sweetener is a stone-age product. The yellow shiny liquid has many benefits-it is best for weightless, an antioxidant contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, helps to builds immunity. etc. Besides having these many benefits there are still the same myths revolve around this natural sugar substitute Let’s have a look at some common myths that we should debunk and consumes honey without much worry.

1) All bee makes honey There is this wrong conception that every bee makes honey. There are approximately 20,000 species of bees around the world. Out of these 20,000 species, only the Apidae family have honey-making bees who make our ever delicious liquid.

2) Crystalize honey is spoiled This a totally stupid myth. Honey changes in its texture, color, and aroma after some time but that never makes it unsafe to consumable. As Raw honey contains tiny bits of pollen and propolis glucose easily latch into those particles that make pure raw honey online crystallize faster comparing to other Contradictory to this myth crystallization only indicates that the honey is so pure.

3) Heating honey is a poison this is a kind of foolish myth, according to this myth while heating honey emits poisons and toxins. First of all, honey didn’t even contain toxins or poisons to emit. Heating natural honey only reduces its bacterial properties never affects the nutrition value of honey.

4) Honey never expires Though it is a common belief that honey never spoils. This myth is not wrong neither right. But all we can say is it depends upon how and where you store the honey. Raw honey is another case it will degrade with time if not stored properly. If the jar is not closed properly honey will absorb humidity as it is hygroscopic, or at times if the honey is collected too early before the bees reduce the moisture content, the honey can go off. So keep honey properly with care so that you can enjoy it without worrying about expiry.

5) Sugar is more delicious than Honey It is a completely wrong conception, honey in every sense better than sugar. Honey have fewer calories compares to sugar and healthier too. Both are composed of glucose and fructose so they have the same quantity of sweetness. Also consuming honey never boosts up your sugar level that makes it a perfect choice than the latter.