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Honey and Lemon Water: Your Daily Freshness Combo

Honey and Lemon Water: Your Daily Freshness Combo

Many nutritionists and health experts vouch for the benefits of honey and lemon water. Mostly this drink is consumed in the morning to kick start the day and feel all fresh and active. Lemon and honey water gives your body all the essential nutrients because of the presence of antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals, and Vitamin C. So, have you ever wondered why it would be an amazing decision to make this super tasty elixir a part of your daily routine? There are many trustworthy studies carried out on this and we too are going to discuss the best upshots of consuming honey and lemon water on a daily basis. 

Enables Prevention of Kidney Stones

Squeezing half a lemon in lukewarm water with a spoonful of honey is commonly known for detoxification. The citric acid and honey make the body alkaline which is the best way for detoxifying the body from within. It also helps in smooth digestion and skin glow. But, did you know this simple mix is an easy remedy for kidney stones as well? Lemon has a diuretic effect and honey is plenteous in antimicrobial properties; both when consumed together work as a team in flushing out harmful bacteria and redundant substances that cause kidney stones. This way you can keep your kidney healthy ensuring a healthy urinary tract functioning. Do consult your doctor to ensure that there aren’t any underlying conditions in your kidney already. 

It’s Good for Your Heart as Well

The health benefits of citrus foods have been closely associated with our heart’s health. The issues that affect the heart are beautifully mitigated by this honey and lemon water as they are capable of bringing down the alarming levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Problems such as clots or plaque in the blood vessels are not formed as a result of this and at the end of the day, your heart feels as fresh as ever. However, if you are already a heart patient, it is mandatory that you first get the advice of your doctor before consuming this water to avoid any adversities.

Maintains Electrolyte Balance

Electrolytes are immensely important to the body as they are responsible in regulating myocardial and neurological function. Your whole nervous system, heart, and muscle depend on a balanced electrolyte level as the cells from these carry electrical impulses across themselves along with other cells. Serious disturbances in sodium, potassium, and calcium levels are caused by electrolytes imbalances. So, all these scary problems can be calmed by our honey and lemon water. They keep the electrolyte balance intact and prevent dehydration which is another common severe problem that we combat quite often. 

Honey and lemon water has umpteen benefits and is known as a super potion for your body. But, before buying honey, ensure that you are buying the pure one. Loudfood Pure Natural honey is one such brand that is sourced directly from the bee keepers across India and hence, is bottled up straight from the beehives. Log on to and buy Loudfood honey varieties to lead a healthy life.