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How Honey Benefits Your Teeth?

How Honey Benefits Your Teeth?


Honey has been hailed as a magic ingredient by many nutritionists and doctors for all its beneficial properties. Right from skin, gut, hair, honey has been preferred by people and has been used for improving the overall health and beauty. Now honey has also been recommended by the dentists not just as a natural sweetener, but to accentuate the quality of our oral health by mitigating cavities and decay. Researchers stringently claim that honey helps in reducing bacteria formation inside the mouth preventing plaque and gingivitis.

The Scientific Approach

A detailed study was conducted to see whether honey prevents plaque formation in orthodontic patients; whether the antibacterial properties in honey have any effects on the recovered plaque; and whether honey chewing or rinsing can reduce the bacterial count in the mouth.

The sample of dental patients were considered and the plaques were tested after a time gap of 2, 5, 10, 20, and 30 minutes of honey chewing in each. A comparison test between honey and popular antibiotics usually used for dental/oral issues took place. The end result was shocking and equally exciting- Honey was found to be more effective than the antibiotics! A significant inhibition of bacteria was shown with honey. Scientists believe that honey has a potential of producing high amounts of enzymes that promote antimicrobial activities inside the mouth ensuring better care and health.

Honey for Gum Diseases and Tooth Decay

Most of the adults suffer from dental problems and gum diseases. Getting an appointment from the doctor and even spending thousands on treatment might not ensure a long term relief. Honey works more on the prevention part rather than the treatment part so it is safe and of course, long termed. Mixing honey with water and using it as a mouthwash can help in the total oral health, including prevention of tooth decay. Massaging your gums with pure honey can help in reducing gum inflammation.

Before making honey a part of your oral health, make sure that you are using unadulterated, pure, and natural honey. You can rely on Loudfood Pure Natural honey as it sourced directly from the bee-keepers across India. Log on to and smile with a new confidence.