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How Pure Raw Honey Can Cure Your Cough

How Pure Raw Honey Can Cure Your Cough

The winter is almost here and we are ready to enjoy the chill in the air. But with winter there comes the cold and cough. To deal with this, we rush to the doctor and take medicines. In the older times, we Indians had our own ways to fight cough. To reduce cough and build immunity we depended on herbs and pure raw honey. In fact, honey itself can relieve cough better than any on-the-counter medicines available in the stores to suppress cough. 

What Is Cough?

When our throat or airways get irritated by something, our body will respond with a cough. The nerves send a message to our brain and our brain will tell the muscles of the chest and abdomen to push air out to force out the irritant from our throat. While occasional coughs are absolutely normal and healthy, if a cough lasts for days or there is blood in the mucus, you should be cautious and get immediate medical attention.

Prevention is the best remedy, right? Even though the honey can’t cure the cough, it is a time-honored remedy to reduce and prevent the cough as pure raw honey acts as a demulcent - a substance that coats the throat.

How To Consume Honey

There are plenty of ways to consume the delicious, bee-made honey, you can mix 2 teaspoons of honey in your green tea or warm water and drink it whenever you feel like it. You can spread 2-3 spoonfuls of organic honey on a toasted slice of bread and cover it up with another slice of bread - ta-da! Your healthy & delicious breakfast is ready. Or if you wish, you could eat it straight off the spoon.
Where To Find Pure And Organic Honey 
Now you are probably convinced to include pure raw honey in your diet considering its amazing ability to prevent cough and boost immunity. But where you can find unadulterated and organic honey in this greedy world? Many major brands are selling fake and adulterated honey, which has literally no health benefits.
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