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How To Find Whether Your Honey Is Pure Or Adulterated?

  How To Find Whether Your Honey Is Pure Or Adulterated

Honey is indeed one of the most precious and pure things you can find on earth. A spoonful of honey you consume is the hard work of a honeybee's lifetime. They collect nectar from thousands of flowers to survive the winter. And they collect much more than they might need to survive the winter, so we could take the rest. That's how we get this nature's elixir on our hands. Pure natural honey is full of minerals and antioxidants, which are very beneficial for our heath's well-being. 

 However, the honey we find in the market are not pure honey. Many major brands in India have caught red handed for adulterating honey. Adulterated honey can be very bad for our health instead of the benefits of pure honey as the companies use sugar syrup, brown sugar and rice syrup for the adulteration. These substances can induce a bad effect on our body especially if you have an underlying health issues like diabetes.

 Here are some tips to check the quality of the honey you brought at your home.

The Water Test

Take a glass of water and add one tablespoon of honey to it. If the honey is pure and not adulterated, it will stay intact. If the honey is getting diluted in the water, it means it is adulterated with foreign substances like brown sugar.

The Drop Test

Take some honey on your finger and hold it upside down. If they honey in your finger drips off like any other liquid, it means the honey you have is an adulterated one. Pure natural honey will not spill from your finger easily as it should be thick in consistency.

The Vinegar Test

Take water and vinegar solution in a bowl and add few drops of honey to it. If the solution is starting to foaming, it indicates that the honey you have might be contaminated.

Perform these easy tests and figure out the purath of the honey you have at home. You might get surprised with the results.

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