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How to replace refined sugar with Honey



We are living in a society where maintaining a diet is necessary. For a better diet avoiding refined sugar is important.

What is refined sugar? There is natural sugar and granulated sugar. Natural sugar is the one obtained from fruits and all refined sugar is the white sugar that we  use in our daily life from morning to evening

White sugar can be called white kills people slowly. So, replacing white sugar in our life is unavoidable.

Sweetness is something to which most of us are addicted to. So, avoiding it completely is not an easy task. No need to sulk in your face!!!! We can reply to this with a healthy natural sweetener.  That is  our Honey, unadulterated pure honey

Honey is a healthy and totally fine substitute for white sugar. But, replacing refined sugar with honey needed some careful action

 So let’s have a look at how to have sweets in a healthy way!!!


If you are substituting Sugar with honey then according to the rule of thumb ¾ cup honey for one cup of sugar is the correct measure

Decrease the quantity of Liquid

While you  use more than a cup of honey for cooking decrease the quantity of liquid in 

Your recipe. As honey retains more moisture compared to Sugar.

Keep the temperature Low

If You are using honey for baking make sure to keeps the temperature low. that makes your baked goods perfectly golden brown.

Weight Loss

Having honey in at early morning with tea or other diet drinks promotes weight loss. So having it instead of white sugar totally benefits us.

While buying honey make sure it is natural and unadulterated, our #Loudfood honey is totally pure and unadulterated.