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Incredible Benefits of Honey for Women’s Health

Incredible Benefits of Honey for Women’s Health


Honey has been quite popular among women for its various properties that help in accentuating the skin and other health benefits. Out of all, the weight loss aspect has always topped the chart. Here, we are going to talk about the benefits of honey exclusively meant for women. The reason why honey has earned a good name among women is because of the trust factor that comes from ancient times. In many Ayurveda treatments, honey is often said to be generously used for external and internal purposes. However, we will look into some of the lesser known benefits of pure honey in women's health.

Helps Women Fight Breast Cancer

Many won't believe it but it's true! The phenolic compounds like flavonoids present in honey increase the antioxidant properties as it consists of a higher percentage of organic acids. Just make sure that you have chosen the right type of honey and it doesn't contain any adulteration; just do a lot of research to stay safe. Another important thing to be noted is that it won't be effective if someone is already undergoing chemotherapy. 

Controls Irregular Periods and Cramps

Irregular periods and cramps are probably the most common issues that women across the world deal with quite often. According to Holistic Gynecologists, consuming a teaspoon of pure honey can help in relieving pain, and honey when taken with dried mint for days can manage irregular periods. 

Treats Hormonal Conditions Like PCOS/PCOD

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome/Disease are hormonal conditions that are associated with the ovaries developed by hormonal imbalance. You will find at least one woman from your friends' circle or family who goes through this. People often experience increased blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Irregular periods is a common condition faced by PCOS/PCOD patients. A spoonful of pure honey can control the irregularities in the menstruation cycle and lower the calorie intake. To some extent pure honey also reduces inflammation and is quite effective for this condition.

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