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Raw Honey For Good Gut Health

Raw honey for good gut health

The modern facets of our lifestyle like little sleep, eating too processed food and high-stress levels are becoming a great threat to our gut health. Poor gut health can affect other aspects of our health such as the heart, brain, immune system, and even the development of cancer. Our digestive system is a complex biological structure that consists of a group of organs together to transform food into energy and other nutrients that are supplied to the whole body for its proper functioning. And, today, we will see how honey can help you keep your gut healthy.

 Improves Digestion

 Having a spoonful full of raw honey every day can help to prevent indigestion as the raw honey will have an alkaline effect on the digestive tract. And the enzymes present in the honey will give a boost to the digestive system, which will result in a smooth digestion process.

Studies indicate that the consumption of pure raw honey will prevent diarrhea as the movement of honey through the stomach and intestine are comparatively slower than the other sugars. To reduce the frequency of diarrhea in babies and infants, give them a spoonful of raw honey every day. The honey will also help to cure the bacterial infection in the stomach as methylglyoxal, a compound present in the honey has antibacterial properties. Plus, when the raw honey boosts the immune system, the chance of getting stomach-related diseases in the future will be reduced. 

Ways To Consume Raw Honey

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon pure, raw honey with hot water and drink every morning
  2. Make a thick paste of honey and cinnamon and apply this on bread, just like the peanut butter. This will make a healthy and delicious breakfast.
  3. If you have reflux or indigestion, add honey with yoghurt and consume it with any meal you like.
  4. Last but not least, just have it straight off the spoon.

Now that you know the different benefits of honey for your gut, you’re probably wondering where you can find the finest quality, honey.  The answer is simple – you can count on Loudfood for this as we provide 100% pure natural raw honey, collected straight from the tribal farmers.