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The Anti-Cancer Effects of Honey


 Annually Cancer is diagnosed on 11million people causing 7.6 million deaths worldwide. Cancer the silent killer is such an epidemic disease. Nowadays our researchers are searching for natural ways to deal with Cancer. Well, our natural nectar honey is an excellent Anti Cancer Agent. Raw forest honey contains various sugars, flavonoids, phenolic acids, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and other compounds, which provide honey anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-tumor effects. Phenolic contents in honey pose anti-leukemic property against leukemic cell lines. Honey has proved its anti-cancer activity against various cancer tissues such as breast, oral, renal, endometrial, and cervical cancer cells show uncontrolled cellular proliferation, Honey therapy seems to be a better solution for this as they can reduce tumor cell proliferation. Flavanoids and phenolics can prevent growth by arresting cell cycles of colon, glioma, and melanoma cancer cell lines.

Honey exhibits anti-inflammatory property which can lower chronic-inflammation linked to cancer formation.

These all make Honey a perfect Anti-cancer Agent