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What Are The Harmful Effects Of Consuming Adulterated Honey?

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Consuming Adulterated Honey?

Honey is undoubtedly a delightful food, which is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Even though honey is a natural product, which can be found liberally in nature, for the customers, it is so difficult to get genuine quality honey as most of the honey available in the market is adulterated with sugar and rice syrup.  

 As we consider honey as a superfood and natural sweetener, which can be included easily in our daily diet, most families in India use it on a daily basis considering its health benefits and medicinal properties. But they never realize that the honey they consume can be adulterated honey, which will cause severe long-term and short-term health issues. Today, we will discuss the dangers of consuming adulterated honey regularly. 


Pure natural honey is known for its weight management properties. Hence, people with obesity consume honey with warm water as a remedy to get rid of fat. But the adulterated honey, on the other hand, will make you fat as High Fructose Corn Syrup is one of the main adulterants used in adulterated honey, which is known for depositing fat on the abdominal tissues. Intake of HFCS can even cause fatty liver disease.

 Increases Blood Sugar Level

Pure natural honey is one of the favourite food of diabetic patients all over the world as it has a low glycemic index. The adulterated honey, on the other hand, is a life-threatening substance for diabetic patients as its consumption can lead to hyperglycemia(increased blood sugar levels). There are many types of sugars present in adulterated honey, which cannot be used by the human body. Hence, these sugars will be stored permanently in our liver as fat or glycogen.

 The Risk Of Toxicity

Many of us consume 1 to 2 teaspoons of honey every day considering its health benefits. But when the honey is adulterated, there is a strong possibility to have toxic side effects. Many adulterated honey brands import honey from China. Brown rice syrup is one of the most common adulterants used in china and brown rice syrup can be extremely dangerous for our health as it contains arsenic properties. Studies indicate that arsenic can cause cancer and arsenic poisoning.

Considering all these risks of consuming adulterated honey, you must make sure the honey you purchase is of genuine quality. You can purchase 100% bee-made pure honey from . Loudfood honey is 100% bee-made honey collected from rural bee farmers in India.