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Will Honey Bring the 'Good News'

Will Honey Bring the 'Good News'?

Honey is a little wonder in itself. Consuming honey has always been beneficial for us humans. Right from childhood, we have been consuming honey in one way or the other. We have always come across many home remedies with honey for our skin, hair, and digestion. But, there's a lot more to the benefits of honey. 

Honey can boost your fertility and bring in the good news to your life that you have always been waiting for. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has carried out a research in which the role of honey in modern medicine was deeply looked into. Honey is hence regarded as a natural fertility booster. 

[Fun Fact: The term 'Honeymoon' comes from the practice of consuming honey each day by the newly weds to enhance fertility in the older times]

So, what makes honey a fertility booster? As you all might know, honey is packed with minerals and amino acids. These two stimulate the ovarian function and reproduction system. 

Honey also helps in improving the serum testosterone concentration and sperm count making fertility possible.

It is said that consuming 1 TSP of raw honey regularly as a part of your normal diet can help you immensely, but in case you are taking any other treatment or are on medicines for some other diseases or conditions, it is advised to consult your doctor first.

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